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Technology and Communications Specialists (TCS) is a division of Kennebec Telephone Co., Inc., which has over 100 years experience in the telecommunications industry. We service all of central South Dakota.

TCS offers a variety of products and services including:

-Business Key Systems
-Security Systems
-Video Monitoring Systems
-Network Wiring
-Smart Home Products
-Business and Home Computer Repair
- Sell and Service Laptops, Computers, Tablets  
-Free Estimates  Available   
Security System

  TCS installs Security systems, including: motion detectors, heat & smoke detecotors, door contacts and temperature sensors. These are tools you can use to prevent theft, alert you to fire, or even to prevent your pipes from freezing with the crazy fluctuations in South Dakota weather.

  Security cameras are avaible for home or business applications. Cameras can be motion activated, be programed to record continuously, installed indoors or outdoors, and work in low light areas. Images from the cameras may be accessed on your home computer or remotely from any internet connected device!

Business Key System

   An office phone connects your
office better.

   By using an Office Phone System you can connect with coworkers better. No more running from office to office. With these phones, all you have to do is pick it up and dial the extension number of the person you would like to contact. Their office can be down the street or across town.

   Enhancing your Office Phones: No more taking messages for someone else. With the Office Phone System, you can transfer the call to their extension, and if they are not there, the customer can leave them a message. Can’t find someone: do an all call which will call all the phones, and you can find the person you are looking for. 

   Better for the Customer: With the Office Phone System you no longer need all those numbers to different people or offices. With one number, the customer can call in and can be transfered to the right person. It is handier for the customer to just have to know one number and not have to worry about calling the wrong number.

   Cost Wise: You no longer have to pay for all those phone lines or pay for the features on that line. With the Office Phone System, it is one line or multiple lines; it connects to one phone system.

Business & Home

Business or Home Computers
   Considering networking your home or office computer system? TCS is your "go to" company for networking! from two to twenty or more, we have the experts that will get the job done.

Online Backup
   Online Backup automatically backs up your computer information to a secure remote server, preserving your information in a time of disaster. Computer crashes, no problem. Your information is simply transferred to your new computer using Online Backup.

Password Genie
   Password Genie offers the security of having many passwords, but only needing to remember one to acces all of your accounts.

Who are we

Other Services

Video Monitoring

TCS is experienced in selling and installing video monitoring equipment. Monitor you sites away from home on a computer, or a cell phone.
-Home applications
-Farm Applications
-Business Applications

Network Wiring

Our techs are certified in cat 5 and cat 6  cable wiring. we have the expertise and experience to make sure your network wiring is done correctly. All cables are tested to ensure they will work correctly when needed.

How it works

Smart Home



   Do the words “wireless home control” and “automation” make you think of “The Jetsons,” complete with flying cars and a robot maid? Home automation has been around for years. New technology and more practical, affordable applications are now bringing the benefits of home automation to ordinary people. 

   What exactly is wireless home automation? Simply put, wireless home automation gives you automatic control of things around the home -- meaning the control of appliances through a device such as a remote control, cell phone or personal computer. Basic systems have been around for years, but have been plagued by
poor performance, high prices, complicated set-up and operation, and in many cases, the need to rewire the home. 

Today, you can purchase a wireless home automation starter kit for as low as $100 with options available to do more than just lighting control. For example, using today’s technology, you can receive a text message at work telling you that your kids have arrived home from school, turn off the downstairs TV from the upstairs bedroom, or turn up the heater on your drive home!



   With gas and electric bills climbing and the impact of global warming in the minds of consumers, energy conservation is as much a benefit to the environment as it is to the pocketbook. Wireless home control and automation technologies have emerged as key enablers for today’s energy-intelligent homes.  Homeowners can monitor usage from anywhere in the world via an Internet connection, with real-time control over
their HVAC system, lights, and appliances. 


   Security is top-of-mind for many homeowners. Wireless home automation solutions allow consumers to remotely monitor who is in and around their homes, whether they are down the street or thousands of miles away. 

If you are interested in exploring any of these possibilities for your home, farm, or business,
contact Trusty Mertens at TCS, or call the office at 605-869-2220.

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